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Re: Questions about CrossFit Strength Bias

Originally Posted by Jo Hsu View Post
I posted this in the designated CFSB thread, but haven't received a response, so I thought I'd pose it here as well-- I hope that's all right. Regarding CFSB:

After following a more novice-based linear progression for the past five months, I've plateaued on all my lifts enough times that I would like to switch to a more intermediate training program. I've had my eye on CFSB all this time, and am eager to start, but I do have a couple of questions.

My cleans have always been a bit lacking-- in technique, and I just need to work on explosive power rather than lifting slow. I'd like to incorporate cleans, and thought about subbing them for front squats in this program. Would that be all right? Or are the front squats a very specific supplementary lift for the back squat, and would I possibly be detracting from back squat gains?

Additionally, why does the program choose the press over the bench? I feel like, because the bench uses more muscle groups (or larger/stronger ones?), it might be more advantageous to train the bench. However, I'm also more dissatisfied with my press than my bench, so it may behoove me to continue working on my press... Yet also my press stalls out so much more frequently and easily than my bench, so I worry that my time would be better spent on the bench press. (Sorry for the convoluted train of thought). Do you have any advice?

Finally: How do you go about selecting a starting weight for the high-rep protocols? (such as 12=>15 or 10-7-4)

Thanks, all!
As far as I'm aware, CFSB was developed by Jeff Martin et al in direct response to people at their box lagging in terms of leg/squat strength. That's why the program is very squat-centric. Another prime focus was to increase strength with an eye on improving metcon times, which is why you won't see benching here.

If your goal is general strength, I wouldn't recommend CFSB. It's a very specific program for a specific purpose.
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