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Re: Compression Gear

Originally Posted by Tim Squires View Post
I'm getting ready to place an order but have a sizing question for Greg...

Regarding tights, I'm 5'8" about 163, but can fluctuate into the 155s. The size chart has me on the fringe of small and medium. I want to make sure I'm getting significant compression without worrying about them potentially getting stretched out. Like my Skins have seemed to do. Which size would you reccomend?

In addition, my wife is 5', 125-132 and has a posterior chain of someone you know spends a lot of time squatting (if you know what I mean). She's also on the fringe of small and medium. Any reccomendations?

Hi Tim,

I'm guessing you could go either way. I would recommend that you try the small to start and then if you don't like how they fit I will swap them for a medium for you, I'll pay the shipping both ways.

For your wife, I would definitely recommend the medium.

All in all it will really depend on fit and preferences, but in my experience, those would be my recommendations.
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