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Re: Nitrean+

I agree with Joey. It is a very quality product that uses quality ingredients without junk filler. Also look at cost/serving - its very comparable. Not sure what generic protein you were/are using, but prior to Nitrean, I used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. The cheapest I have been able to find it anyware is on DPS Nutritions website for $52.99 for 5 lbs which is 77 servings. That comes out to $.68/serving.

Nitrean is $59.95 for 4.53 lbs, which is 70 servings (23 grams of protein/serving vs 24 grams/serving for ON). That comes out to $.85/serving.

However, I just checked their website, and they are running a 15% off sale that ends today. with the 15%off, its $50.96 for the 4.53lb tub, which comes out to $.72/serving

More important than money though, I have found that being able to trust the company you are buying from is important to me. Supplement industry can be pretty shady. Make sure to read the ingredients of whatever you are buying and compare apples to apples.
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