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Re: 500m Row Times

My current PR for 500m Row is 1:23.6 on Damper 5. @ 165 BW

Started using Concept 2 as my warm up and cool down every day before and after lifting. Completely substituted rowing for running and my 5km run times dropped significantly as a result (nice when it works). Every day warm up is 500m sprint followed by strength followed by a cooldown metcon at 5000m sprint. My 5000m sprint PR is still a work in progress. Very Humbling to see a few sub-1:20 500m sprint. I have been landlocked at my time for a while not having a clue what I can do to decrease time further.
Age:24, Height: 5'10, Weight: 180, 5km Row: 17:15.3, 500m Row:1:23.6, BS: 440, DL:540, Press: 205:My Log(WFS)
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