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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Tuesday- good hammie and shoulder warm up.

Dumbbell squat snatches- all 3 ub reps on each arm. 15/25/35/50/60/70/80 felt good. Would welcome this type of exercise on a metcon.

Warm up for the metcon. I did the class warm ups with abs, bear crawl, duck walk, air squats.

Warm up the movements- t2b, lunges with one arm farmer carry and dubs.

20 min AMRAP
50 dubs
25' lunge 50# db one arm
20 t2b
25' lunge
I did 7 rounds plus 66 (15 t2b in last set) needed about :30 to finish the 8 rounds.
I pushed the whole way all 20 min. At about 7 min in when I was finishing my 3rd round I had the feeling to coast for a bit. Not having the faith that my t2b would hold up. Did a total of 155 of them. That is a lot of volume. Mostly 8/7/5 for 6 sets then had to break them up more for 7 and 8. I sped up the lunges and stayed solid on the 50 dubs going un broken the whole way. I don't think that this would be a games workout but I do believe that it was a games effort.

Ice vest, chill, stretch, laundry and trash. Then off to surprise Reese for her birthday present.
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