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Re: Competition Nutrition for a multiple event day

Do you have more details? Like how spread out the events will be? And you mentioned it's a multiple day event, but then your list of 5 events seem to all be on the same day.

If 5 workouts are spread out over one regular day then it's unlikely you will want to or be able to eat as often as you listed above. No harm in packing lots of food, but don't be surprised if you only get down 1/4 of a shake in between two of the closer event. Unless things are really spread out you'll spend so much time warming up, busting your ***, then on an adrenaline kick that your digestive system won't be doing a whole lot.

For both strongman and crossfit competitions I end up not eating much all day (especially if the events are on the short end, like all strongman events are). I like chocolate milk and will also keep things like gatorade, bananas, peanut butter crackers, and protein powder around, and I'll force myself to snack throughout the day, but that's about it. I will drink tons of water though, like 1.5-2 gallons throughout the day.

If they do give you a solid dependable lunch break (2+ hours) then get away from the competition area, do what you have to to relax and calm down, and eat an easily digested, not too large, lunch (for example,sweet potato or rice for carb, lunch meat or something for protein). After you're done for the day eat a really big dinner with lots of carbs and some protein if there are events the next day.
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