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Competition Nutrition for a multiple event day

Hi guys and girls,

What would you recommend nutrition wise for a multiple event day?

Breakfast - I was thinking balanced macros so eggs, sweet potato and something

Pre Wod 1 - pre workout shake

Post Wod - whey + carb shake

Pre Wod 2 - sugary fruit

Post Wod 2 / Lunch - Sushi Rice + some form of protein

Pre Wod 3 - sugary fruit

Post Wod 3+4 - whey + carb shake

Pre Wod 5 - sugary fruit

Does that look okay? Any tips or suggestions? I like the idea of sushi, but I'm wary of taking in anything with fat, as it will slow the absorbtion of the protein / carbs. Do you have any protein source that will go well with the sushi rice?

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