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Re: training clients in a globo gym

disclaimer: I am not CF certified.

I have taught clients using CF knowledge and methods in the globo setting. It can definately work, so long as management doesn't think you're an idiot.

I found it to be very polarizing. Some clients loved it and only wanted to train with me. Other clients hated it and refused to train with me. You will have to accept this. It polarizes coworkers too... some will have a "live and let live" attitude so long as you don't talk $hit behind their backs, others may openly tell everyone they can that you're dangerous and to avoid you at all costs. This can create problems with management.

Even some random gym clients who were not interested in having anyone train them sometimes had strong opinions. I had several random people tell me they thought I had really neat ideas and they were trying some of the stuff they'd seen out with good success. I had a few others tell me I was an idiot, completely unsafe, and that I was going to get all my clients injured. A couple went so far as to go to management without even warning me first... I never really got in trouble for it, but again that depends on your management.

you'll have to be prepared to deal with all that most chains. You will likely have better luck at local, private gyms or simply working freelance.
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