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Re: Marine PFT - Running Workouts

Just speaking from experience since im Active Duty myself. In today's military everything seems to hinge on your PT scores I wouldnt take chances. Crossfit will always be there, your career maybe not.

If your worried about your run time, and everything else is solid I suggest cutting out (Crossfit) and just run run your *** off.

30 seconds over a 3 mile period is very doable. Your only looking at running each mile 10 seconds quicker than you already are....or a really good push at the end.

I simply work in 1:1 sprints, 1 mile as quick as your can, rest, then do it again. Or pick a one mile pace that is slightly out of your comfortable zone, and see how long you can stick with it. When my PT test approaches I cut wayyy down on the CF, and focus on running only a minimum 3-4 days a week to ensure success.

Go in rested as well, couple days off prior. Being mentally prepped knowing you can crush the test will ease alot of jitters and boost performance. I ran 46 seconds quicker than my previous best run time on my latest. All because I know I could get what I was looking for....
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