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Brandon Heitkamp
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paleo kit packaging woes

well let me start this post by saying I am a huge!!!!! paleo kits fan. The product is great! I have however had a problem and wanted to hear if anyone else has had the same problem.

My first order of 50 paleo kits was great.... no problems, the jerky was fresh and tasty and the product stayed vacuum sealed well.

The second order I made was for 200 (me and some buddies ordering together to eliminate some shipping costs) Within a month or two 65 of these 200 kits had lost vacuum and started growing bacteria etc... I contacted steves original and they were apologetic. They had me send them back and sent out replacements. They also gave me two tshirts (made me feel better). However, when the new kits came there were 7 unsealed in the box and ive had 5 more of the older ones come unsealed. I am in the process of trying to return the damaged goods AGAIN.

I'd like to stress that Steves Original HAS been standing behind their product so far.... But shipping is getting ridiculous at this point, not to mention the pain in the HIND END! The kits are supposed to have a 6 month shelf life.... I am not getting anywhere near that length out of them.

Is anyone else having problems?

Brandon Heitkamp
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