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Where is the cut off line?

When I first started CrossFit, there was a general feel that extra equipment like wrist straps and squat suits weren't part of the game. Weightlifting shoes and belts (on max or near max attempts) were deemed acceptable. That was about it.

Now, I watch the games and visit CrossFit gyms, and I see wrist wraps (that often have connectors to the fingers, making them akin to writes straps), some sort of fitness tape meant to enhance performance, various "performance" socks, shorts and shirts that many claim "increase your lifts10 to 15 percent", and various other bits of extra gear.

It seems like, if this continues, we will have bench shirts, squat suits, and wrist straps - where exactly is the cut off point for what equipment is fine? I'm sure the Games have some rules on that, but some quick searching didn't turn anything up.
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