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Re: New to paleo/crossfit

Originally Posted by Nina Meltzer View Post
Hi ! I'm new to crossfit/paleo and just wanted some tips on everything.
I'm 5'2 , female and around 113 lbs. Wanting to mostly increase muscle/cut fat...obviously. Not really wanting to lose weight....

Typical diet:
bfast: 1 cup frozen berries,1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp almond butter in smoothie

snack: nut mix (1 oz) or lara bar or 2 hard boiled eggs

lunch: salad with avocado or turkey

snack: kale chips or lara bar or apple with almond butter

dinner: protein with veggies

post dinner: few berries

Getting a little light headed around 2 pm or so...any suggestions? I was eating pretty healthy before so it's not much of a change?

Thanks for your help!!!!
It's probably hypoglycemia. Eat the whole banana not half at breakfast and have some yams or sweet potatoes with lunch and dinner and you'll be fine.
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