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Originally Posted by Lisa Hsu View Post
Linds! What a great testimonial. I should tell you, if I didn't read this to know how you started, I would have never guessed. When I started at our box in Feb, I remember you as the pretty girl who lifted super heavy. I was afraid to strike up convos with all the girls at Crossfit because they were all so hawt and strong, and I was lifting junior bars and blank bars only at the time. You have been an inspiration every since! You push yourself at every WOD I've seen you do, and I think that's awesome. I hope some day I can catch up to you.

Keep kicking butt girl!
Lisa you are WAY too nice! LOL I am glad I can inspire you though! You definitely inspire me! I saw your score from last night's WOD and you have come so far in just 5 months!!
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