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Heather's busted broken... again... injury journal

I'm not usually a journaling kind of person- but I am going to give it a shot and hope that it helps to keep me motivated over the next couple of months. I came back from vacation a few weeks ago with some serious pain in my left shoulder. See... I had a severe labral tear repaired in that shoulder in September of last year- and although the pain was not as bad as before, it was the same kind of pain. A visit to my ortho confirmed that yep.. I have ANOTHER tear in the left shoulder. In an attempt to avoid surgery I am taking it easy on the shoulder and doing no overhead work or downward pressing. This is obviously causing me to have to seriously re-work most of the WOD's. Thankfully my affiliate is helping me to restructure WOD's to accomodate my problems. After 3 weeks I definitely have less pain, and less "thunking"- the sound/ feeling when the shoulder starts to dislocate. Unfortunately, I have found out the hard way that any and all overhead work is out of the question. Walking lunges with a PVC pipe overhead caused me days of agony......

So... having said all that- here' s today:


3 eggs
1/4 c cheese
1 c spinach
2 cups of tea with a splash of whole milk each


Grilled chicken salad with ranch dressing and sunflower seeds


8oz. grilled marinated pork loin
big Caprese salad (tomato, basil, mozarella, olive oil and balsamic)


Reese's peanut butter cup (love those damned things)


Double Tabatas- 75lb deadlift/ GHD situps for a total of 47 deads and 49 situps, 4 rounds each.

Before anyone says it- yes, I know I don't eat enough.... I just don't get that hungry....

Thanks for checking in, feel free to kick my *** some- it helps me stay on track.
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