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Re: Exercise Physiology

Hey thanks for the input everybody.

Brian, I think buying text books to get me started is a great way to feel out my interest in exercise physiology. I will definitely be doing that.

Donald, I am interested in your experience. Do tell.

Robert, I also feel the same way about improving my credentials. It can only help. There is always the money factor but I think I have a plan in action. So far it is working.

I am about a month away from processing for the Navy reserve which will pay for 40% of my college tuition! How great is that?? As for the other 60%, I will pay that in cash. I have a pretty decent job that is helping me stockpile some cash. By next fall I should have around 23,000 saved up. Tuition for my bachelors will cost about 5,000 a year after the navy discount and should take me 3 years to get considering I have a degree and therefore general education classes complete. Ontop of my Navy tuition discount, I should get FAFSA which hopefully can give me anywhere from 500-1000 dollars a year for tuition. I plan to work partime through school which will help me pay for rent, food, and my masters. My masters will be more expensive but I read on the university website that if you do very well in school that it is possible to get a major reduction of tuition. The masters program is a year. When I do go back for this degree I am taking it serious. My goal is to make deans list every semester!

Well that was a rant. But I figured it was relevant here.
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