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Originally Posted by Carl Amolat View Post
Scale and work your way up slowly. You've got a couple of years to play with before you join up. It's a good thing you discovered where you have issues and can address them now versus in Basic Training or Tironut . So just scale, work your way up, and keep at it. And keep us posted.
Thanks for the support.

Btw about the running issue, Rebecca offered to stop the endurance and agreed I should do it when I progress some more on the CF routine.
Yet thinking about it some more, I think I should incorporate some running in my workout, maybe like 3 normal CF WOD, one of them with a run 3+hours later.
And one run somewhere in the middle.

Then after progressing for a while, I will go on the routine you offered, with the ruck walk, and all that.

Thanks a lot, its a real great community here, each and every one of you guys and girls.
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