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Originally Posted by Guy Erez View Post
1 set of 6 chinups, chest to bar and a few burpees (didn't really count, don't really know what AMRAP burpees mean).
1 set of 3 chinups chest to bar, and a little more burpees (more than the first set).
AMRAP always means the same thing - As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible. So in this case the CFE WOD is telling you to do max effort of as many burpees in 30 seconds as you can. It sort of sounds like you should be trying to do scaled versions of the mainsite WOD, my impression of CFE wods is that they are for the more advanced from a fitness perspective. The fact you you only got through two differently scaled rounds of a 5 round wod that is also intended to be paired with endurance workout, means that it wasn't scaled far enough...

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