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Re: Affiliation

Whatever you decide Jennifer GOOD LUCK! Let us know how it goes...

In my opinion (which means nothing), you should train regularly for a good 6 months...In that 6 months though it needs to not just be the same people with the same movement ability you are training...

You need to have a mix of people coming in, some naturally good movers, some not, different personalities too, some that ask you to yell at them to be motivated, some that will cry if you yell at them.

Why not start your affiliate, not as an affiliate, but as a free workout once/week at a local park? Let the friends and family you are training now know that they are free to invite 1 person...and keep growing from there, just don't overwhelm yourself with class size if you get a good response...It's difficult to train a large class, especially the less experienced you are.
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