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Adam Levenson
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Oh, I am tired, but my hobbies + work do not allow for more sleep.

Up at 5 am for workout and daily prep.

At work by 7 (1 hr commute)

Home by 5

Ju Jitsu Most Nights by 6

Then swing dancing or social life come hurts and I suffer. Hence, why week ends are my sleep blocks.

Before finding this page, I was eatting mostly simular to this. Cutting all white bread/noodles, eatting mostly vegatables with meat as a suppliment.

I would eat around noon lightly, then heavily at 8 or 9 pm. Bed at midnight. I think this may simply be an adjustment period.

Also if someone could link me to the short beginners guide to the zone. I read it earlier this week and seem to have lost it.
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