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I agree, breakfast is a tough meal, particularly for a society that seems to pride itself on skipping it.

Sears recommends eating pretty evenly throughout the day. I'm not sure what your schedule looks like, but what I find works well for me is to have a 2 block snack (what you have now .. 2 eggs/fruit/nuts) first thing in the morning (0630) and then a 3 block meal around 0900. If I am doing a workout in the morning, the 2 block snack gives me some energy, but does not seem to slow me down. The 3 block meal carries me pretty easily to lunch. I'm at 15 blocks.

For food choices, try some oatmeal (steel cut) ... that sticks with me a little better than fruit. Per the block chart in the FAQ: 1 large egg = 1 block protein.

Also, you seem pretty lean and active already, so you may need to go straight to 2x or 3x fat blocks, which many folks here do.

If this is still not working, and if you thought you were doing okay before without breakfast (a variation of intermittent fasting), you could also go back to that and just eat your blocks in a tighter window.

Good luck!

p.s. 4 - 6 hrs sleep and I'd be a basket case … ah, to be 24 again.
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