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Seriously, I have started trying the zone and I am starving. What is funny is while eatting my meals, I eat my fill or well what I would actually consider over eatting.

First background:

I am 67 to 68 inches tall, 150 ibs. 30 inch waist 6 inch wrist. Dr. Sear website puts me between 9% to 12% body fat.

I do Brazilian Ju Jitsu 3 to 5 times a week for over an hour.

I started doing cross fit last week.

I sleep about 4 to 6 hours on week nights and about 10 hours on friday and saturday.

Honestly, the biggest change is I started eatting breakfast and now I cant get past 8:30 am till I want to eat again. Eatting a snack such as nuts or a fruit does not help.

Breakfast has so far consisted of 2 whole eggs, + 1 whole fruit(apple, bannana, whatever) And some sort of fat in the form of nuts or olive oil.

If you need more info please ask, and reply soon because this sucks.
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