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I'm 5'11" and at 255lbs. When I first started CF last year in june I was @ 280-285lbs. So seen alot of improvement, but in the last 3 months I've just not seen any shift into better numbers so to speak.

I work a night job, so hard for me to do anything but go to the gym when I wake up late in the day. I take the stairs always, park the farthest I can from my building, heck even bang out 10 dips on my desk whenever I get up for something. I drink alot of water.

I know my weakest link right now is likely my diet. Unforuntately I can't afford to shell out the $25 for the zone book, so I try to eye ball meals based off of what I read from searches and the like, but I know I'm missing something cuz I'm just not improving.

Kind of getting a bit depressing. Any advice and help would be much appreciated.
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