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Re: Complete protien: truth, or fiction?

First off read the Paleo Diet book. Its an easy read and the information gleaned from within is priceless.

Secondly, if youd read the book youd know that you cant eat beans on a Paleo Diet....hence why i brought up #1 .

Youll also learn that your choices of nuts should be done carefully as certain foods we think are nuts are in fact not. Peanuts and cashews are not nuts, as an stay away from them. Almonds/Walnuts/Pecans/Brazilnuts/Filberts and many others are safe.

Myself i always try to get a little lean animal protein in with a meal. Even if its just a few eggs for breakfast. A salad with greens and some nuts and seeds may have the proper balance and types of foods, but my guess is its going to be severely lacking in caloric density unless you cover the whole thing with nuts.

IMO, the best way to use nuts on a paleo diet is as a snack between meals, because they are calorie dense sources of fat/protein. They will keep hunger away between meals so that you dont cheat and give into cravings.

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