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Re: How many bumpers do I really need?

If money is at all an issue, I would suggest an alternate strategy which has worked for me. I bought used iron for $90 which included a bench, squat rack, oly bar and about 300 lbs of weight. A friend then gave me a squat stand, another bar and about 230 lbs of weight.

I just started adding bumpers as I wanted to do more oly lifting. I started with 25's and 10's, 2 each. I think I may add 2 more of each next. That will give me increments of 45, 65, 85, 95, 115, 135, 145, 165 and 185 just using those 8 bumpers. I don't see the point of using 15's or 35's since I can add iron 2.5's, 5's and 10's for the loads in between. Once I max out at 185, I'll add some 45's. This works for me since; A) I'm not that strong and; B) I'm doing higher rep sets not 1RMs stuff.
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