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Re: How many bumpers do I really need?

as many as you can afford! shipping is outrageous so if you're already spending like $125 for freight for your 260lb set, add as many bumpers as you can afford as the shipping costs probably wont change.

initially i bought:
4 - 10s
4 - 15s
4 - 25s
2 - 45s

and paid $125 in freight for them. shortly thereafter i kicked myself for not getting a couple more 45s at the same time. well fast-forward a couple years later and i finally bought 2 more 45s. except the price went up from like $45 per 45# bumper to $69 per 45#, and it cost me $54 for UPS shipping. i've now got four of each 10s, 15s, 25s, and 45s and im a very happy man
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