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Joe Fortenberry
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How many bumpers do I really need?

I'm looking at entering into the wonderful world of garage gyms. I plan to start with a bar and bumper setup and then go from there. I like to go heavy on squat and deadlift fairly often, but I'm a novice at best on the Oly lifts. My question is, how many bumpers plates do I really need? I would like to get enough to get by and then possibly add iron plates bought locally for when I need to go heavier. I don't have anything as of now, so I'll probably start with one of the 230 or 260 lb sets (probably 230 b/c I think I'll purchase iron 10s and 5s locally as well). Mats and a squat stand will follow closely behind.

I'm really digging the War Chest packages from Rogue and will probably go that route if I decide I need extra bumpers.
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