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Re: Diet Critique

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
Um... weren't you just posting about being on the verge of overtraining and needing to eat more? Maybe see how that works for a few weeks before you start changing things?

What you posted is not a huge amount of food for an adult male with your activity level. I definitely wouldn't cut back at this point.

I am cutting the technique work out of the evenings and just sticking w/ WOD and CFE. This is my intake w/ the added calories of Milk/Fruit/Protein powder. My question I guess is "will this calorie level allow me to still loose BF while maintaining my performance?"

My over training, I am almost certain, was from overdoing the weight when I was working on technique.

This is HUGE jump (almost 50% on carbs and overall calories) from what I was taking in before.
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