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Re: Pull up standards for fun competition

Originally Posted by Max Chiswick View Post

-elbows at bottom - in cf we usually do about half way between fully extended and elbows at 90 degrees. thinking maybe we should require full extension or maybe just past 90 degrees?
Really? I just got totally deflated doing a Fran on Saturday when I thought I was at 11 on the first set of pullups and the coach came over and said "Ben, I can't give you any of those. Your arms aren't fully extended at the bottom. Start over." That sucked.

I was way past 90*, probably within 5* of full extension. I have bad shoulders that get a ton of pain on the hang so when I'm going for time, I admit I could go farther down. But when I'm just working on pullups I do, and I'm sure - now more than ever - that the standard is 100% full extension.
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