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Question about rowing

I've been rowing since high school. Rowed at Gonzaga in DC (very competitive) then as a Cornell Lightweight (extremely competitive). Since I can remember I've been told that rowing is an aerobic sport. I'm not going to debate that fact. I think it's anything over 2 minutes is considered an aerobic event, right? Anyway, why is it that just because rowing is an aerobic event a VAST majority of coaches train for it like its an endurance event. At Cornell we used to do 2x45 minutes on the erg 2 to 3 times a week. I've always thought this was the best way to train for aerobic events (just because thats how I've always done it). As I read more about aerobic vs anaerobic training it seems to me doing 2x45 minutes on the erg is hurting more than its helping. Wouldn't increased power output way outdo whatever VO2 is gained from long distance ergs. Long protracted erg sessions are the equivalent of training for a marathon right? And I've never seen a great rower that looked like a marathoner. Rowers a big burly people.

One more question: I may be wrong here but isnt the basic rowing stroke a bit of a "core extremity violation?" Anyone who has been taught to row is told legs/back/arms ad naseum. I'm guessing the use of the legs is technically the "core?" Did I answer my own question there?

Anyway any insight at all is HUGELY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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