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Tom Corrigan
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side press - you clean the bell, and kick hip out to that side, leaning other way. As you push the bell away, you lean away at the same rate. You end with your torso horizontal and your arm at a 60 degree angle+/-. The key is flexing your lat as HARD as possible, and slowly twisting your fist away from you as the bell rises up.

In the Bent Press, you clean the bell, but let your elbow drift as far behind you as you can, keeping your forearm vertical. You squeeze the handle and your lats like hell as you "screw" yourself under the bell. Your free hand will move toward your other ankle. Your butt will go back, NOT to the side. You can squat down a little at the end to finish the extention of your arm. As you are going down the bell will spin a bit, but shouldn't rise up until your arm is locked. Have a partner put their hand (palm) on the top of the bell, giving you a little added resistamce. This will actually make it easier. Doing it with a heavier bell is easier than doing it with a light one, which will just "pop" up.

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