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Re: Pinkalicious Posts: Pouts & Praise

Absolutely if she says rest then do it. Woohoo free pass. Sorry about the IBS, I know it's miserable.

Next time you try lunges do this (NOT UNTIL YOU REST FIRST). She has probably told you this already. I could not do lunges at all at first then watched a Crossfit video. I was like trying to "pull up" with the back leg. My power lifting buddy, when I asked him said "you are just too week". What an a*s, no help at all. So I looked it up and found I was supposed to have all my weight over my front foot which I was not doing and you push up with the front leg back leg more follows along. I may not be describing this right. After that I could do them just fine. I think it is a video on walking lunges. If you can find it it is well worth watching, helped me immensely. I was not engaging the right muscles and I would get down there and like you not be able to get back up.

Kudos on being able to do burpees, I can't really. I have shoulder issues and have a terrible time with pushups. And the squat thrust part doesn't work very well for me either.
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