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Hey all, anyone that knows me knows I love dogs. Last year I got Louie. He's a rescue.
This is the third boxer I've had. None of them have been good with other dogs. Which is always a bummer but I can work with it.
Over the last year I've seen Louie have some fear issues. First he snapped at the vet when she went to look at his ears. He looked so scared his eyes looked crazy. Then we took him to Pet smart hotel to have him kenneled when we went away. When I was dropping him off one of the workers reached over him to take the leash and he snapped at him twice.
Again I took him to the vet and again he snapped at them so he had to be muzzled. Then today we were going to go to the beach for two nights. I took him for a long walk and swim them off to pet smart hotel for two nights. I asked them if I could put there name band around his neck and they were aware of his history.
I left feeling like OK he'll be OK.
Not five minuets later I got a call to come pick him up. As they were trying to take off his pinch collar he bit the attended on the hand, just a scratch. Then he just freaked out and ran around scared out of his mind not wanting anyone to touch him.
I have to be honest I'm not feeling to positive right now. How can I live with a dog that I can't trust?
He's great with me and Diane. He loves our other dog Sophie. He can sit, stay, come, lay down and drop leave it. Oh, he can also jump fences! Yikes!
But now I just can't leave him with anyone.
I've seen the look in his eyes even when he wants to like other people. As they pat his head and are all up in his face he looks uncertaint.
I've always said the if I had a dog that bit someone I would have to have the dog put down. Now I'm faced with this issue.
What if it were a kid? Or a friend? As it is the people at pet smart are being kind in that they are not going to write it up as a bite. Just as a snap. Since in Montgomery county that would mean he would be Quarantine for 21 days. At which point I think it would kill him and me.
I love him so much he has become my best buddy. Yet, you have to draw the line at some point we don't have loads of money to go to all kinds of behaviorist and try stuff that may or may not work. Not to mention we are out $350 for canceling or reservations for the B&B!!! Anyone have any ideas?
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