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I wanted to post my response to your inquiry in this format as someone else might ask about the pull up bar.

Cost: $1800
Length: 24'
Width: 5'
Height: Top Tube and cross bars: 8"
Height: Bottom Tube: approx: 7'7"
Crossbars: 24" Apart
Bartubes: 1 3/8" schedule 40 tube

Design: Sectional - I can add another 12' section by bolting it on if needed. (Let's hope)

I essentially copied Brand-X and CFSD with some minor changes. (Thanks Jeff and Eddie and Crews.)

My cost is a little high since I opted for powdercoating and the supplier was my second choice. I had a lower bid from a large welding and fabricator but I couldn't get the work done in schedule.

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