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Re: Rehband Knee Sleeve Fit

Originally Posted by Scott Ohlms View Post
If you're interested in them simply staying on your legs, go with whatever size you fall into per the measurements. If you want a much tighter fit, potentially to the point where you're not able to wear them for a full session without beginning to cut off circulation, step it one size down as they recommend.

I have some undetermined issues with my left knee and wanted more compression, so I went down a size with the blue Rehbands. They still fit very well, but after about an hour my left calf begins to lose a little sensation due to the tightness. Not an issue, as I just pull it down for a while between sets and it's all good.
I definitely want more compression so the size smaller will hopefully be good. I workout after work (in like 6 hours) so I'll see how it goes then. Have you gotten your knee checked out and does it hurt? Does the sleeve help you manage the problem with your knee?
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