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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM

Saying CF should go after tobacco or alcohol rather than Gatorade & ACSM relationship is a whacky comparison..those don't have any doctors or scientists purporting health benefits...anymore! I may be young but I've heard of / seen the old-timey cigarette ads with doctors on them. I'd be surprised if big tobacco companies didn't pay for scientific studies that supported smoking at the time!

Look what we (as a nation / people / organization--you choose the term) have done with that? We followed the science, changed our stance and changed the rules and recommendations. To me, seems like Coach Glassman is just starting that conversation here.

For Comparison only:
Big Tobacco pays for studies that find cigarettes are healthy, health professionals (doctors, etc) fall for it, people die, we change as we learn the truth.

(Maybe, in my mind TBD as of yet) Gatorade pays for studies that find hydration levels that are "healthy", health professionals (doctors, trainers, nutritionists, etc) fall for it, people die (albeit not as many as cigarettes), we change our position as we learn the truth.

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