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Matt Thomas
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Deadlift: 300X1, 305X1, 310X1, 315X1, 325X1, 330X1, 345X1

Handstand Pushup on Parallets (wall): 6, 6, 6
Extended Plank Hold: 40seconds, 1:30, 1:30
Tuck Front Lever: 30, 25, 5 This and the tuck planche kill me. one workout i'll progress great and add a few seconds to my first set time and finish the minute in a second set. Next workout i'll seriously regress and barely be able to hold out for 30 seconds on the first set and not be able to hold another 30 on the second (like this workout). I guess what's important is the trend. When I first started trying these I could rarely make it to 30 seconds. Now I'm pretty much guranteed 30 seconds every time I do it. Hopefully 35 seconds will eventually be the norm and I'll fluctuate between 35 and 40 seconds, and so on. We'll see.
Supported Cross Pull-outs: 5, 5, 5


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