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Douglas Bell
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Hi All

This is my first day here at Crossfit and just astounded with the volumes of work going on, I also like the fact that each days training is different, at least workouts wont get stagnent!!

I was ill at the beginning of the year and it completly wasted me for like 5 months.. But i finally got the go ahead by the doc to do some serious fitness stuff..

After doing a google for some workout rotines I stumbled onto this site, and i thought yep sounds good!! I done kickboxing before i got ill and took it back up last month, my fitness is not even a fraction of what it used to be like, flexibility, stamina, strength and speed all shot, lol...

There is a competition at the end of the year i would like to compete in and so hopefully with the help of crossfit and all you superbeings :-) i may just get there..

Anyway thanks for listening to my rant, it was only meant to be a hello..


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