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Is there a true RX standard for wall ball target height?

I'm asking this question here that I already posted in the Exercises sub-forum. Some of the answers were helpful, but none actually specified what part of the target is at 10'.

I was at a gym with a Rogue double target (upper target for men, lower target for ladies) installed on a Rogue rig. Not sure if it was assembled as per Rogue's instructions, but the top edge of the upper target was at 10', the bottom edge edge of the lower target was at 8', and the target diameters 12". (sfw)

"For the sake of simplicity, let's just refer to men's RX of 10'.

When I judge wall balls against an actual wall I require the middle of the ball to hit at or above a line marked at 10'. If anybody does this differently, please let me know.

However, a friend of mine competed at Regionals a few years ago, and he had to do wall balls against a mounted target like the ones made by Rogue. The middle of the target was placed at 10' and the diameter of the target itself is 16". For his wall ball to considered valid, all he had to do was to hit the target somewhere. If I'm not mistaken, then that means he could have had the top of his ball just skim or graze the bottom of the target and it would have counted.

So, getting back to the question in the title--is there actually a universal rule for target height?

I haven't reviewed any of the movement standard videos from the past Opens (although those can change from year to year), but do you recall how/if this is addressed?

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