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Another possibility if you have just one bar but also some heavy dumbbells is to set the bar up for the deads and use dumbbells for the bench and clean. (This will work better for the lighter folks and/or those scaling back a bit.)

Is it exactly the same? No (especially for the cleans), but I think it does preserve the stimulus, and you don't need as heavy DBs as barbells to get the same effect. DB bench press is just plain harder than with a bar. And I know I can clean 100 lbs on bar a few times, but I'm not sure I could clean two 50-lb. dumbbells at all. (Of course, now I'll have to go try when I get to the gym....)

What the heck, the DB version would be an interesting variation just for the sake of it.

Another possibility if you have two bars, or can stand changing the weight for the DLs and cleans (not so bad since both start from the floor) is to sub handstand push-ups for the BP. Again, not the same, but a reasonable approximation.
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