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I had 5 shoulder dislocations in the past. The first 4, I took a little rest/ice, and some shoulder exercise, but ignored the real problem and went straight back to my activities/sports/training. To pay the price, this 5th and last incident tore my labrum and bicep tendon, forcing me to stop. i have been doing rehab exercise the past few months, and waiting for a surgery in June, with another 3+ months rehab.

I could agree with Mark's advice and follow 'inside & out' dvd- (which is great btw). But it might not necessarily fix the problem. I'll explain....

Even with my past shoulder injuries.. I kept doing the cleans, pushups and ohs, etc. And felt great doing them. But over the years and injuries, I've been unconsciously overcompensating and using the wrong muscles to execute every movement. So if i would follow I&O DVD right now, it wouldn't be effective nor correcting the source of the problem...since my body is so accustom to moving the 'wrong way'.

So...yes, suck it up, and consult a GREAT physio therapist (the kind that finds the CAUSE of the problem- not the one that treats the pain). Better fixing the problem now (if there is one) rather than living with the "i shoulda.." (cause believe me, this rehab stuff is frustrating- tough breaking through old habits)

sorry for the long post...I needed a little ranting :-)
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