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Best thing I have EVER done!

Hello all,

New to the crossfit world, one month this week, and Crossfit is without doubt the best thing I have ever done In my life!!!

Stats: 51 years old, 6'2", 230, good shape( I thought), but getting better every day...

I have a powerlifting, strongman background ( not for years) and have been training at a martial arts/mma school for the last few years

Long story short, I was getting tired of taking head kicks and getting my knees jacked out of joint doing BJJ ( I'm just getting to old for that crap) and even though the system I was in mocked crossfit, their conditioning workouts were bastardized versions of standard WODs, and I was getting frustrated with the overall bad attitude, cockiness and by never making any gains.

So I quit, and joined crossfit ripped in Weston fl and my only regret is " why didn't I do this sooner!!!!!"

I really felt at home since day one, and I am again making fantastic gains in conditioning and strength!!!!!

So glad to be on board, I love it
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