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Rich Matlock
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Re: Rich’s WOD Log


I took your advice and took the day off. I thought about doing a little work at the house after work, but my hip was telling other things. I'll head to the gym and take it easy today... some streches (work on my shoulder), maybe a little spinning to get the blood flowing to my hip.

Stay tuned they is more to come. 185 by the end of the year. 14lbs to go. I don't just want to weigh that first thing in the morning, but I want to be around 185 all day long. Also... a little help here, Body Fat: where do I need to be? Right now I'm at uggghh 30.5% as of Apr 2, 2008 that is down from 31.9% beginning of this year. I am 45/M/5'8"
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