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Rich Matlock
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Re: Rich’s WOD Log

rock climbing and repelling. What was supposed to be a 300-400 yard walk in… turned out to be a 3 hour death march. Ended up sliding about 20’ down this steep embankment and then dropping about 8 feet landing oh my hip. Yeah.. bruising setting in today. The “lead” guy didn’t bring a map or a GPS we almost tossed him over the cliff. We finally got to where we went climbing… we were just down from Mitchell Dam of the Coosa River… you know it? Short story long (I’m famous for) By the time we got back I was beat to get my WOD in. Since today’s WOD is a Rest Day… I need to get my butt in the gym and get at it. So I’m going after yesterday WO.

Oh yeah Friday’s WOD results
Back Squat – 225lbs… my shoulder wouldn’t allow me to hold much more than that. My legs felt fine… will switch to another form of legs next time… any ideas?
Shoulder Press – 135
Deadlift – 250

For a total of 610 for my first CFT… told you I was weak, but I’m looking for improvement!!!
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