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Rich Matlock
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Re: Rich’s WOD Log

Day One the beginning ~ I was mentally pumped up to get busy... then I see the WOD of Shoulder Press' 3-3-3-3-3 As I said in my intro, I'm not that strong, even though I've been in and out of the gym for years. Mainly focused on weights and not so in the cardio area. Anyway ~ after having a Mumford Procdure back in Dec of 2005, I have lost some of my ROM in my left shoulder... I can't even get my arm back to do regular I am having to really concentrate on increasing my ROM. So here are my stats for Wednesdays WOD. 65-95-95-115-115. Not very impressive I know. But I've started, and I'm going to keep going. I like what I've read about the whole concept of CF. Yesterday I was all geared up to get busy... and we get a "Rest Day" come on.... I can only imagine what today would hold. We went to our friends son's graduation last night then out to a Japenesse Steak House.. ate WAY TO MUCH... and it was late (9:00). I got up this morning before going to work, kick up the comptuer to find CFT... on only my SECOND day in Cross Fit... I guess that's good in that I'll have a great starting level... Question for you: how often do they throw in the CFT?

Should be interesting on todays WOD if I can't even hold the bar on my shoulders... any ideas that'd help?
and have a great Cross Fit Day
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