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Adam Rooke
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I have several concerns about how (and what) me and a mate are going to be eating on a climbing trip mid-august. Essentially, we don't have a car so once we get to the area it will be impossible to buy any surplus food without a four hour round trip up and down a mountain, so any food that we need is is going to have to be taken in with us. Its a 2 week trip so are going to need to take quite a lot with us...

At the moment we were thinking of mainly porridge, pasta and some of dried meals. Problem is we don't reckon we will get enough from these meals as we will be burning -loads of energy a day [For example, I normally eat one malt loaf per climbing session ;o)], no fresh food or anything can be taken so the meals will get bland and boring quick. Finally, limits on space mean its going to have to all crush down quite small.

Would anything such as the protien recovery drinks help us make sure that we enough stuff...

Any thoughts/opinions? we are a bit naive at this whole travelling light thing and what to eat when not near a pub so are a bit lost.
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