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Re: crappy shoulder external rotation - right side

Originally Posted by John Koshy View Post
Any tips/stretches for this? My left side is pretty good (which is funny since it's my non-dominant side) but my right side starts hurting when I try and do this (obviously cant go that extreme even on the functioning left side, but just a pic to show how i was testing external rotation ability):

(links WFS)

It's bad enough that when I try to do the overhead tricep stretch, my right shoulder and bicep hurts, and the stretch doesn't even stretch the right tricep lol. I think this may be due to months of benching pressing weird where I was leaning more onto the right side. It also hurts when I stretch the right pec against a wall....hurts the shoulder and parts of the bicep. So, I guess my right shoulder's external range of motion is **** lol.

Anyone have a good tips on how I can help alleviate this? What about soft tissue work? I'm assuming I can't use a foam roller except for the upper back...I do have tennis balls and a soup can. How can I use those?

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
Sounds like a possible frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis where you can lose that motion quickly compared to your opposite side. Go to my website and look up Physical Therapy protocols for frozen shoulder.

If the does not help get evaluated. Good luck
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