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Re: crappy shoulder external rotation - right side

I tore my right RC and after rehab I was able to do pull-ups again. However I overcompensated with my left shoulder and was pulling funny as well. (like your benching move)
I believe I stressed the shoulder and created major imbalances. I could not make that motion at all. Cuban presses were super painful in that shoulder only. I tried acupuncture, art, and I foam and lax ball rolled all the time. Al I did was irritate the tendonitis.
I iced everyday. (twice if I could) I stopped everything that hurt and started to slowly build the muscle back up with isolation exercises. Ring rows, some light DB shoulder work. Pull aparts and face pulls with bands help tremendously. Just look at T-Nation or Steven Lowís recommendations for shoulder rehab. And do the ones that DONíT irritate.
Iím back and able to do most things with my shoulder. Took about two months.
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