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John Koshy
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crappy shoulder external rotation - right side

Any tips/stretches for this? My left side is pretty good (which is funny since it's my non-dominant side) but my right side starts hurting when I try and do this (obviously cant go that extreme even on the functioning left side, but just a pic to show how i was testing external rotation ability):

(links WFS)

It's bad enough that when I try to do the overhead tricep stretch, my right shoulder and bicep hurts, and the stretch doesn't even stretch the right tricep lol. I think this may be due to months of benching pressing weird where I was leaning more onto the right side. It also hurts when I stretch the right pec against a wall....hurts the shoulder and parts of the bicep. So, I guess my right shoulder's external range of motion is **** lol.

Anyone have a good tips on how I can help alleviate this? What about soft tissue work? I'm assuming I can't use a foam roller except for the upper back...I do have tennis balls and a soup can. How can I use those?

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
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