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Re: What "Schedule" Pipe for Pullup system?

Ian, I was going to attempt to calculate this for you this morning, however, according to my pipe book, 1" doesn't come in Sch 20. Now, I'm not saying my books are infallible, but we don't use 1" Sch 20 for anything. It may be used by the firewater guys, but not for civil/process engineering.

To cut to the chase, I've run the numbers on sch 40; use the sch 40/std wall pipe and you'll be fine.

I am NOT a professional engineer...keep in mind you are taking advice from someone on the internet. no liability, legal recourse, hurt yourself at your own risk, etc.

Originally Posted by Ian Staab View Post
I have been calling around for steel pipe to make a pullup system and one of the places I contacted said they have "Schedule 20" galvanized pipe, 1 inch diameter. They said it's the same outside diameter as schedule 40 but it is a weaker pipe... Our brackets have been bored to fit a schedule 40, 1 inch diameter pipe.

Does anyone know if this will be sufficient for a system that will have about span 3.5 feet between supports??
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