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i learned how to do a muscle-up by practicing on a real sturdy door in my apartment. after about a week of trying and getting some nasty scrapes i got it. next, i went to the gym and tried it on the freestanding pul-up bar there (hint: you may want to counter balance the thing with some plates or dumbbells! i almost pulled the thing over on myself the first time!)

the false grip on a pull-up bar is a little different than on rings. plus, i think the whole movement is a little different. it's almost like you have to pull up and out, then over, or you will get some nice scrapes on your chest.

if doing it on a bar, i start by sort of gripping with my finger tips, and as i pull up and over i roll my hands foward and push more off the heels of my hands. (it's what climbers call a mantle). it's a pretty smooth transition with no hesitation. i have never done one on rings since my gym dosent have any. not sure which is harder - rings or a bar.

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